Goal I: Provide Relevant Quality and Accessible Education

The university is committed to provide education that is accessible to deserving and qualified students through internationally-recognized and industry-responsive programs set in a 21st century learning environment.

The university is mandated to promote relevant and quality education by offering programs at par with international standards and is accessible to all who seek it particularly to those who may not be able to afford it. One strategy is to put into place a robust and reliable quality assurance framework which will make material contributions to the quality and standards of our programs, products and services.

The delivery of relevant programs is built on a network of progression partnerships for whom the university is the preferred higher education provider by increasing contribution from larger partnerships and clusters of international collaborations.

We can capitalize on our regional strength to build a national and international brand by enhancing the quality, reputation, and perception of the university. This aim will be achieved through blended and franchised delivery models, development of programs that are fit for purpose, and professionalism of our faculty and staff.

Subgoal I: The BulSU Brand

Establish identified programs as models of excellence and resource centers for other HEIs.

Subgoal II: Quality Assurance

Institutionalize quality assurance systems of programs and operations that qualifies the university for at least level 4 status in the SUC leveling.

Subgoal III: Competitiveness

Develop BulSU into a notable hub of programs that are internationally-recognized and industry-responsive.

Subgoal IV: Faculty / Staff Development and Sustainability

Implement an extensive and sustainable faculty and staff development program that ensure quality instruction and services.

Subgoal V: 21st Century Learning Environment

Provide learners of the 21st century with a technologically-inclined learning environment.

Subgoal VI: Accessibility

Broaden access to quality higher education to deserving and marginalized students.