Goal III: BulSU in Regional Development

Playing a greater role in regional development affairs is the logical consequence of the commitment of the university to expand the productive capacity of citizenry. The university is the breeding ground of tomorrow's experts and the chief agency for human capital formation. Thus, BulSU envisions itself in the thick of regional efforts. Toward this end, the following imperatives were deemed exigent: actively informing regional development policies; strengthening public-private partnerships; strengthening research capability; exposing students to overseas education and capacitating external stakeholders.

For BulSU to play a significant role in regional development, it has to lift its research capability to the level of industrial and commercial consequence. Through its extension projects, the university will provide training and job-readiness inputs to specially targeted sectors to enchance their employability and income-generating capacity. The university will likewise engage in regular labor market analyses and align its curriculum accordingly. In an age of globalized educational and employment opportunities, BulSU will forge functional foreign linkages for student and faculty exchange, student training and job placement.

Subgoal I: Influence Regional Development

On the macro-economic perspective, the university intends to fully partricipate in the affairs of the Regional Development Council. This is to ensure that it will significantly influence its policies and programs.

Subgoal II: Participate in Public-Private Partnerships

In the face of rapid changing labor market landscapes, BulSU desires that its graduates will find meaningful employment in regional, national and international labor (theaters). It will do so by targeting the exposure of at least 5000 students annually in local and overseas training for the next five years. To achieve, the university will design at least eight programs that will promote the exact competencies that the regional and international industries demand.

Subgoal III: Conduct of Industry and Market-Oriented Research Innovation and Development

Translating its community-oriented development goals to concrete reality, BulSU targets the delivery of training programs on a regional scale. It will partner with other organizations in the spirit of synergy to maximize program benefits and penetrate a wider audience. These training programs are anchored on BulSU's instructive resources in industrial technology, engineering, information technology, sciences, services as well as from the outputs of its research and development program.

Subgoal IV: Enable Students to Benefit from Overseas Educational Opportunities

In serious efforts at enhancing its capability of meaningful employment in the 21st century, BulSU intends to provide it students with world-class traingin experience. The mobile global worker has to be grounded on global skills requirements including the right attitude and values. Thus, BulSU intends to send at least 5000 student annually to cooperating industries both locally and overseas. It likewise targets to equip students with competence that will enable them to be absorbed in national and regional niche and general labor markets.

Subgoal V: Dynamic Technical Support Program

Making dfull use of its vibrant extension program, BulSU intends to provide target communities with capacity building training in the areas of job readiness and income generating ventures.

Conducted on a regular basis on the next five years, these extension programs intend to reach out to as many beneficiaries as possible.