Goal IV: Sound Financial Management

Sound financial management ensures sufficient resources for the institution's programs and projects towards the attainment of its goals. Implementation of effective financial management system to include financial planning and forecasting, analysis and accounting prevents imprudent use of funds and guarantees the University's fiscal health and growth. In the next five years the financial requirements of BulSU amounts to Php 3.2 billion.

Subgoal I: Prudent Spending

Keeping right prioritization. The university will carefully assess/analyze the positive impact of its projects and programs for prioritization. Investing in the right programs and projects will result into comprehensive development.

Spending within the means. The university will fully utilize its resources by ensuring greater discipline in expenditure management through efficiency ratio, actual amount spent over allotted budget.

Observing laws and rules on government expenditures. BulSU will strictly comply with accounting, budgeting and auditing rules and regulations such as R.A. 9184, P.D. 1445, R.A. 6713 and etc. to avoid misuse of funds.

Subgoal II: Resource Generation

Improving the current revenue/income collection scheme. BulSU will implement regular monitoring and evaluation of the existing income-generating projects of the university to achieve 100% collection in five years. The following are the regular sources of revenues/income:

  • General Appropriations
  • Income such as, Special Trust Fund, Other Fiduciary, Donations and Grants
  • Space/Facilities rentals

Establishing new income-generating projects. The university will establish new income-generating projects to have additional sources of funds in order to sustain the financial requirements of different PAPs. A seed capital of Php 1.5 million will be earmarked for this undertaking.

Engaging in Public-Private Partnership. The university will enter into a private partnership and other funding institutions to source out additional funds such as, NGOs, POs, Industries, Business Clubs, UNESCO, US AID, Japan AID, AusAID JICA, Foundations, etc.

Making long term investment. BulSU will invest the unused funds or accumulated savings into income-generating investments such as treasury bonds, mutual funds and other long term negotiable financial instruments. This type of investments ensures a good return with low risk.

Promoting TNE and Twinning Programs. BulSU will design TNE and Twinning programs for each academic unit to keep abreast with the demands of ASEAN integration and for mutual recognition of curricular programs.