BulSU Administrative Council

SANTOS, Baltazar C. Board Secretary
LLARENA, Laura G. Executive Secretary
DELA CRUZ, Joseph Reynald C. Executive Director, Safety and Security and Disaster Risk Management
CARRANZA, Mary Ann Executive Director, External Relations and Internationalization
RAMOS. Ivy Mar J. Executive Director, Strategic Management and Development
TUAZON, Nenita DC. Executive Director, Legal Affairs
INASORIA, Romeo DC. Chancellor, Main Campus
NAGUIT, Reynaldo S. Chancellor, External Campus
ADRIANO, Raquel C. Instruction, Research and Extension-External Campus
CELESTINO, Joseph Roy F. Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs - Main Campus
DOMINGO, Shiela Marie DS. OIC, Administration and Finance - External Campus
GERONIMO, Cecilia A. Instruction, Research and Extension - Main Campus
HILARIO, Gerald C. Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs - External Campus
MAROMA, Dolly P. OIC, Administration and Finance - Main Campus
BULAONG, Maria S. Dean, College of Arts and Letters
CRUZ, Belarmino S. Principal, Laboratory High School
Dean, Graduate School
PIAD, Keno C. Dean, College of Information & Communications Technology
GATDULA, Ma. Magdalena V. Dean, College of Engineering
GARCIA, Rolando P. Dean, College of Criminal Justice Education
LAGANAO, Emelita G. Dean, College of Education
LEJARDE, Godesil G. Dean, College of Architecture & Fine Arts
MADLANGBAYAN, Aimee Grace M. Dean, College of Hospitality and Tourism Management
MARCELO, Resurreccion M. Dean, College of Sports, Exercise, and Recreation
NAGUIAT, Emerlita S. Dean, College of Business Administration
Dean, College of Science
PANGANIBAN, Gina D. Dean, College of Nursing
PARIÑAS, Sherwin Dean, College of Social Sciences and Philosophy
GALITA, Warlito M. Dean, College of Industrial Technology
TUAZON, Nenita DC Dean, College of Law
CONSUELO, Lorelei DG. Dean, Sarmiento Campus
ELEOGO, Felicidad A. Dean, Hagonoy Campus
GARCIA, Ciriaco M. Dean, Bustos Campus
VALENZUELA, Alberto J. Dean, Meneses Campus
VILLENA, Albert B. University Registrar
ABDALA, Maria Pretty Lay T. University Librarian
BORJA II, Ruben E. Director, Educational Development
CLEMENTE, Richard F. Director, Research Management
MAROMA, Allen Director, Development and Innovation
PIMENTEL, Rogelio DC. Director, Information Systems/Technology Implementation and Operations Support
CHUA, Elizabeth A OIC Director, Extension Services
SANTIAGO, Nancy M. Director, Internal Quality Assurance
PELAYO, Elmira Thrina C. Director, Student Policy and Program Development
TUAZON, Debbie Ann Director, Research Management
ALDAY, Joselito M. Asst. Director, University Health Services
DOMINGO, Sheila Maria DS. OIC, University Budget Office
MIRABUENOS, Felicitas G. Asst. Director, System Accounting Office
PLAMENCO, Christopher C. Director, Financial Planning and Sustainability
BORJA, Joanha Christine T. Asst. Director, Supply and Procurement Office
VALENTIN, Helen P. Asst. Director, Central Human Resource Management Officer
BENEDICTOS, Gilbert G. Director, Central Records Office
BENEDICTOS, Isabelita C. Director, Administrative and Management Services