Quality Policy

We, at Bulacan State University (BulSU) are committed to providing excellent instruction, research and extension services, and the creation of a safer environment.

We shall implement an internationally recognized management system in all aspects of our operations, processes, and services in line with our commitment to achieving our quality and environmental objectives aimed at satisfying the requirements of our customers and relevant interested parties and protecting the environment including preventing pollution.

To continually improve our quality and environmental performance and the effectiveness and suitability of our management system, we shall:

  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations, the requirements of our stakeholders, industry initiatives, and other requirements we subscribed to;
  • Provide assurance to our students, partners, and other stakeholders to quality services by offering excellent instruction, pioneering research, and providing value-adding extension services and responsive engagements; and
  • Capacitate our employees to maintain a highly competent and reliable workforce, thereby ensuring work is performed excellently and environmentally responsible manner; and
  • Improve our readiness for emergency situations and disruptive events to strengthen the university's resiliency and sustainability of our operations, processes, and services.

This quality policy shall be communicated throughout BulSU and made available to interested parties, to ensure that it continuously provide us with overall direction in improving our performance in our quality management system.