The Five Goals of the University

Goal I: Provide Relevant Quality and Accessible Education

The university is committed to provide education that is accessible to deserving and qualified students through internationally-recognized and industry-responsive programs set in a 21st century learning environment.

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Goal II: Innovative and Responsive Research and Public Engagement

The research program and extension program of Bulacan State University are a result of close collaboration with national agencies and frequent consultation with the industries, LGUs and citizenry of the province and the region.

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Goal III: BulSU in Regional Development

Playing a greater role in regional development affairs is the logical consequence of the commitment of the university to expand the productive capacity of citizenry. The university is the breeding ground of tomorrow's experts and the chief agency for human capital formation. Thus, BulSU envisions itself in the thick of regional efforts. Toward this end, the following imperatives were deemed exigent: actively informing regional development policies; strengthening public-private partnerships; strengthening research capability; exposing students to overseas education and capacitating external stakeholders.

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Goal IV: Sound Financial Management

Sound financial management ensures sufficient resources for the institution's programs and projects towards the attainment of its goals. Implementation of effective financial management system to include financial planning and forecasting, analysis and accounting prevents imprudent use of funds and guarantees the University's fiscal health and growth. In the next five years the financial requirements of BulSU amounts to Php 3.2 billion.

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Goal V: Good Governance

Bulacan State University is at the threshold of dynamic change as it seeks its rightful place in the evolving Philippine higher education along the backdrop of globalizing education and knowledge, innovation-driven national and global economy. Rising above the challenges of a relevant, excellent university contributing to the attainment of a sustainable and equitable development of the region and country, it is poised to transform itself to global prominence in instruction, pioneering research and responsive community engagements. The development of highly competent, ethical and service-oriented graduates contributing to national development shall serve as the hallmark of excellent academic programs of Bulacan State University.

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