Dr. Nona S. Ricafort

Commissioner and Chair of BSU Board of Regents

Mr. Dai Jun Ren
Chairman of Shaanxi Education Association for International Exchange
Mr. Dang Qun
Vice Chairman of Shaanxi Education association for International Exchange
Dr. Mariano C. de Jesus
Dr. Ren Zongzhe
Vice Chairman
Dr. Cecilia A. Geronimo
Director, Over-all In-Charge of the Confucius Institute, Philippines
Dr. Danilo S. Hilario
Dr. Alex Lee Ye Lick
Dr. Li Changan
Dr. Li Yang
Director, Over-all In-Charge of the Confucius Institute, China
Mrs. Evangelina Custodio
Chairman, Finance Committee
Dr. Li Yang
Chairman, Education committee
Dr. Zhang Ya-rong
Co-Chair, Education Committee
Dr. Danilo S. Hilario
Chairman, Development and Fund Raising Committee
Dr. Alex Lee Ye Lick
Co Chair, Development and Fund Raising Committee
Bulacan State University
Northwest University
Office of Chinese Language Council International
College of International Culture Exchange


Confucius Institute is a non-profit public institute which aims at promoting Chinese language and culture and supporting local Chinese teaching internationally through affiliated Confucius Institutes. Its headquarters is in Beijing and is under the office of Chinese Language Council International or Hanban.

The Confucius Institute at Bulacan State University

The Office of Chinese Language Council International signed an agreement with Bulacan State University on June 22, 2007 to jointly established a Confucius Institute. The Institute was formally launched on February 28, 2009 with the Northwest University in Xi'an, China that serves as the Chinese partner of the Confucius Institute.

The formal launching was witnessed by the board of directors, namely, Dr. Mariano de Jesus, the President of Bulacan State University; Dr. Alex Lee, Chairman of Lifelong Education Organization, Hongkong; Dr. Cecilia A. Geronimo, Vice President for External Affairs, Bulacan State University; Dr. Danilo Hilario, Vice President for Research, Planning and Extension, Bulacan State University; and Ms. Gao Hailing, Director of Confucius Institute, Chinese Counterpart.

Other officials from China also joined the celebration of the grand opening of the Confucius Institute, namely, Prof. Qiao Xue Guang, President of Northwest University; Prof. Pang Yong Hong, Dean of Art School in Northwest University; Mr. Lei Zhong Peng, Director of President's Office of the Northwest University; Mr. Guo Hong Yi, representative of Shaanx Education Commission; Ms. Zhang Yi, Section Chief of Foreign Students Affairs Office of the Northwest University; Mr. Deng Xi Jun, Charged Affairs of Chinese Embassy and Mr. Chen Yong Shan, Cultural Counsellor of Chinese Embassy.

The Northwest University

Northwest University has its origin in Shaanxi College founded in 1902, and assumed its present name in 1912. It was renamed National Northwest University in 1923, and called National Xi’an Provisional University after the merger with National Beiping University, Beiping Normal University, Beiyang College of Engineering and other institutions, which moved inland to Shaanxi when the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression broke out in 1937. The Provisional University was subsequently named National Northwest Associated University in 1938, and National Northwest University in 1939.

Today, the University, located in the famous ancient Chinese capital Xi’an, has 3 campuses with a total area of 370 acres, and 25 schools and departments offering 71 undergraduate programs. It is one of the first institutions empowered to set up doctoral, postdoctoral and master’s programs, to approve the promotion to professorship, and to select Ph. D. supervisors. To date the University has established 84 doctoral programs (of which10 belong to the first-category disciplines), 152 Master’s programs (including special programs like MBA, MPA and Master of Engineering) and 13 postdoctoral programs. The University also boasts 7 national bases for talent training, one national education base for cultural education of college students, 3 national key disciplines, 39 provincial key disciplines, one national engineering and technology center, 25 ministerial or provincial key labs and engineering and technology research centers.



On February 1, Confucius Institute Director Li Yang and all Chinese staffs paid a visit to James T. Wang, the Vice President of Philippine Chinese Education Research Center and staff of Cultural Office of embassy of People’s Republic of China, gave them greetings and wishes for 2011.

5. 2月1日晚,布拉卡大学孔子学院全体中方人员和部分外方人员参加了由中国驻菲大使馆和东方语言中心举办的新春庆祝活动。(2.1)

On February 1, Confucius Institute Director Li Yang and all Chinese staffs and some foreigners were invited to attend celebration of Chinese 2011 New Year at Mandarin Oriental Hotel sponsored by Chinese embassy.

2月5日,菲律宾布拉卡大学孔子学院走进马里亚诺马科斯大学,进行网络孔子学院的推广活动,包括马里亚诺马科斯大学校长Miriam E.Pascua女士在内的约200名师生参加了此次活动。推广活动的主要内容有介绍网络孔子学院、基础汉语教学、中国算盘介绍、中文歌曲学唱、中国民族音乐欣赏、中国太极拳表演等。在进行以上活动的同时,穿插了多项互动内容,吸引了在场的师生踊跃参加。此外,布拉卡大学孔子学院还向马科斯大学赠送了有汉语学习的音像资料,并向在场参与互动的师生赠送了精美的中国书画及中国山水挂历(2.5)

On February 5, Confucius Institute at Bulacan State University went to Mariano Marcos State University for online Confucius Institute Global Promotion. Over 200 people including Miriam E.Pascua, president of Mariano Marcos State University attended the activity. The promotion can be divided in to some parts as follows: introduction of online Confucius Institute, basic Chinese teaching, introduction of Chinese abacus, Chinese songs teaching, Chinese folk songs and Chinese Tai-Ji. In addition, Confucius Institute donated some videos for Chinese learning and some calendars about Chinese calligraphy and landscape.