Library Service

The purpose of the Library is to promote information literacy while providing a wide variety of print and non-print materials, other learning resources, and services in support of the mission of the University. This purpose is accomplished by providing:

  1. A wide variety of print and non-print materials which enhance the curriculum, the personal growth of the individual and which support the cultural and recreational needs of the community.
  2. Bibliographic instruction to assure efficient and accurate use of information resources available within the Library and accessible to the Library through other means.
  3. An environment which promotes learning and implements changing technology through its staff, facility, equipment, and programs.


The Bulacan State University (BulSU) promotes literacy, cultural enrichment, and a sense of community by providing patrons with information resources, programs, expert staff assistance, and a hospitable place to exchange ideas.


  • To promote development of literacy among students and be an educational and reading center for the academic community by developing a collection of high-quality materials and a schedule of programs that stimulate learning and thinking.
  • To be both a center for access to technology and a knowledge navigator, promoting patrons' information literacy by helping them sift and evaluate information from many different sources. The library will maintain an up-to-date, reliable computer network with access to useful software.
  • To be a destination for students/ faculty by offering a relevant collection of library materials, a pleasant place to meet friends and an impressive schedule of programs and activities.
  • To encourage students to use library resources to further their academic pursuits.
  • To strive to continuously improve service for the library clients.
  • To review regularly these goals of BulSU library and, if necessary, revise them in the light of new developments.


  • To provide educational and instructional materials for the BulSU community.
  • To conduct library instruction for both student and faculty.
  • To acquaint the users on how to use the Online Public Access Catalog.
  • To acquire books and other library materials through purchase, gifts and exchange, or donation in line with the demand of the curricular programs of the University.
  • To establish linkages / networking / resource sharing with other institutions and organizations.

Services Offered

  • Automated Circulation enables patrons to search a library's holdings from a computer terminal and also gives information on the circulation status of an item.
  • Book Display is one of the regular features of the library. Newly acquired books are displayed over a period of time before they are finally placed into circulation.
  • Current Awareness Services (CAS) keep users aware of current developments in their field. Reviewing newly available documents, selecting the items relevant to the needs of an individual or group, and notifying the user about the new information.
  • Database Searching made available through the library OPAC, CD-ROM databases, online or Internet databases.
  • Information and Referral Services (I & R) are for students who wish to conduct their research in other libraries outside the University and may request for a referral letter from the College Librarian.
  • Internet Access offers inside the library subject to the library policy.
  • Library Orientation introduces the library to freshmen students and informs them about library rules and regulations, procedures in borrowing books, library's resources and services.
  • Library Tour are given to visitors emphasizes the historical and cultural significance of the library and its collections.
  • Reference Service provides personal assistance to library users to help them in their information needs. This may include the following:
    • Ready Reference Questions
    • Reader's Advisory Services
    • Bibliographic Verification
  • Web On-Line Public Access Catalog (OPAC) where patron can search online bibliography of a library collection that is available to the public.
  • Wi-Fi Network offers inside the library.