September 9, 2016

BulSU students' life in a Mural

A group of Fine Arts Students of the University headed by Don Bryan Bunag was tapped to create a mural at Gate 3 walkway.

By MIS Office

The mural was formally unveiled on July 26, a couple of weeks before the opening of classes. The ceremony was led by University President Dr. Cecilia N. Gascon together with Architect Ma. Teresa Gopez, Mr. Rowell D.R. Castro, Student Government Adviser and Mr. Aldrin Umali, SG President.

Bunag, a Petron-Vision Hall of Famer, designed the Mural. According to him, the mural depicts everyday life situations not only of a BulSUan, but of college students in general:

"The mural is a compilation of the different faces of college life - the struggles and joys, failures and successes. Each situation, both the unusual and common, helps in molding and developing the student's virtues preparing him for the life ahead. For it is not only knowledge, but character and experience that define the makings of a BulSUan."

The creation of the mural was made possible through the collaboration of the BulSU Student Government, CAFA Adcore and Boysen Paint.