Student Housing at Bulacan State University is a community designed for group living, learning, and growth (social and academic). However, when people live together, guidelines must be established to assure the rights and privileges of each individual.

This handbook is your reference for living standards, policies, and regulations. It is important that you read it thoroughly.

The Bulacan State University Student Housing Handbook, Housing Contract and school catalog should also be referred to frequently as they contain additional information, policies, and regulations of the University that will be of value to you.


This office refer to the assistance provided to ensure access to accommodation that is safe and conducive to learning. This office shall conduct accreditation to nearby dormitories and boarding houses.



Student Housing

  • Ensure that adequate, comfortable, and sanitary living quarters are provided for university resident students and/or students living away from home.
  • Design and implement appropriate guidelines and policies for the safety and security of student inhabitants whether they are on-campus residents or off-campus bed spacers/lessees/dorm occupants.
  • Accredit off-campus housing facilities that have passed the criteria set by BulSU OSAS.
  • Conduct inspection and assessment of on-campus and off-campus student housing facilities.
  • Facilitate support services for students who are looking for and in need of housing.
  • Provide informative materials in accessible formats on student housing facilities both on-campus and off-campus.
  • Submit annual report of accomplishments and other related reports to the Director of Student Services.
  • Perform other related functions as may be directed by the Director of Student Services.

University Hostel

  • Manage and oversee the over-all operation of the University Hostel
  • Strictly implement the rates, terms and conditions on the use of the Hostel facilities
  • Conduct periodic inventory of the Hostel.
  • Perform other related functions as may be directed by the Director of Student Welfare

  • Serves as a resource to those living on the university.
  • Responsible for overall community building, programming, enforcing policy, and other duties as assigned.


  • Regular inspection of the dormitory buildings to ensure regular compliance with basic safety requirements
  • Regular inspection of all rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens of all dormitories.
  • Regular inspection of ventilation and lighting of all dormitories.
  • To check if all beds and pillows are clean and disinfected.
  • Regular checking of the water supply system functionality of all dormitories.
  • To check if dormitories have a student-friendly atmosphere and environment conducive for studying.
  • To check if the environment of the dormitory is completely safe from elements to ensure the safety and protection of all student occupants.
  • To check if all student occupants are able to pay monthly dues on time.