The Scholarship and Financial Assistance Office is the primary venue of the university to help undergraduate students reach the goal of graduation by providing scholarships, grants and financial assistance services to intellectually qualified, under privileged, indigent but deserving students.

The office aims to classify the difference between scholarships, grants and financial assistance such as:

Scholarships are awarded based on specific criteria for students. They should qualify on a stringent process required by the grantee. It is necessary that the awardees should maintain and manifest consistent excellent academic standing to uphold to the scholarship. It usually reflects the values, goals and purposes of the grantee.

Grants are usually conditional upon certain qualifications as to the purpose, upholding of specified standards, or a proportional contribution by the grantee or other grantor(s).A grant or payment made to support a student's education, awarded on the basis of academic or other achievement such as sports, cultural inclination and arts.

Financial assistance or financial aids are given by a company or an organization for the purchase of its shares or those of its holding companies. It is in compliance with the company's corporate social responsibility like: Funding of science, the provision of financing for scientific research projects. Welfare, financial aid by (primarily) governmental institutions or charitable organizations to individuals in need a Subsidy /Student financial aid funding intended to help students pay educational expenses.


  • Helps provide access to quality education to poor but deserving students through a continuing scholarship program.
  • Prepares and implements annual work plans for testing and screening of student-applicants for the scholarship grants and financial assistance.
  • Coordinates with public/ agencies, private entities and individuals and non-governmental association (NGO's) for additional scholarship/ financial assistance opportunities for the students.
  • Develops, in coordination with the donors, the criteria and procedures for the selection of scholars and grantees for the various grants and scholarship slots;
  • Coordinates with the Office of Admissions and the Guidance and Counseling Services Center in the screening and selection of scholars and student-grantees in the various academic programs and courses;
  • Publish information on various scholarship grants and financial assistance available for the students;
  • Coordinates with the accounting office in providing control mechanism over the inflow and outflow of financial assistance for students;
  • Keeps an up-to-date list of scholars and grantees and regularly checks on their academic performance to ensure that assistance is given to appropriate recipients.


  • Manage the generation and/ or allocation of funds for scholarship and financial aid to deserving but financially challenged students.
  • Ensure the accessibility of scholarships and financial aid through constant availability and wide dissemination of information of qualification requirements and procedures.
  • Develops and maintains partnerships with generous donors, benefactors and scholarship foundations outside the university.
  • Design, implement and evaluate appropriate guidelines, screening and monitoring procedures understood by applicants, recipients and other stakeholders.
  • Collect and maintains up to date information, profile, and record of scholars.
  • Develop mechanisms for the university to institutionalize more compassionate policies and guidelines for those students who are financially challenged and /or belonging to the marginalized sector of society.
  • Establish linkages with government agencies and private sectors, local or abroad which provide student aids and scholarship grants.
  • Redesign and improve policies, rules and regulations, and strategies in the solicitation of financial aids and scholarship grants.
  • Monitor and evaluate the status, grades, courses and completion of students enjoying aids and scholarships.
  • Submit annual report of accomplishments and other related reports to the immediate superior.
  • Perform other related functions as may be directed by the Director of Student Welfare.


The office issue renewal forms to student grantees provided they are still qualified and have maintained their grades during the period of their scholarship.

The students may apply on any type of scholarships and grants provided they qualify and pass the examination in any given semester. The following are types of scholarships, grants and financial aids categorized based on their specified requirements.