December 15, 2010

Unimpaired by Budget Cut: BulSU celebrates 106th foundation

Bulacan States University (BulSU) administration assured the school was undaunted on the issue of 2011 state universities and colleges (SUC) budget cut.

By Dino Balado (Mabuhay Newspaper)

The BulSU admin admitted that the University no longer receives funds from the Department of the Budget Management (DBM) for its capital overlay. Despite this, BulSU remained the largest university in region II with its 27,000 population including the satellite campuses in four other towns in bulacan.

According to Dr. Danilo Hilario, Vice President for research, Planning and extension, BulSUans had seen this self-sustaining policy of the government for the SUC’s in terms of fiscal autonomy. “we have prepared for it by improving our revenue programs that will support our ever growing student enrolment,” said Hilario.

Subsequately, BulSU has been continuously creating revenue generating programs to support its expenditures and these include leasing of the campus’s vacant lot for commercial establishments, ladderized tuition fee increase and international programs for the students of Taiwan, hong kong, china, South Korea.

Dr. Hilario declared that the front lot of BulSU main campus rented by Graceland Inx., McDonald,s and Caltex Gasoline Station currently earns one million a month.

From its Ladderized tuition fee policy Dr. Hilario explained that if a student is enrolled at Php 200 per unit,  that amount would still be tha same until last year of schooling.

"The funds we are receiving from the government allocation and location from student's tuition fee are just enough to keep us afloat" Hilario stated. He also admitted that the fund coming from the student's tuition fee this year is greater than DBM’s allocated budget of Php 182.78 million.

Meanwhile, BulSU's international programs have been described as "goldmine" due to hefty amount it brings to the school.