April 1, 2024

ISO-Compliant Records Management Process and Controls Seminar-Workshop

By Media Relations Office

The BulSU Records Management Office, in collaboration with the Philippine Records Management Association, Inc. (PRMA), conducted a comprehensive three-day seminar-workshop aimed at enhancing the capacity of BulSU personnel in records management. This initiative sought to equip the university with the skills and knowledge necessary for effectively handling records.

On Day 1, participants delved into topics on Records and Effective Educational Management and Aligning Records Management Requirements and Processes and included an introduction to Workshop Exercise 1, providing attendees with hands-on learning opportunities. Day 2 continued the exploration of Records Management Processes and participants engaged in in-depth discussions and practical exercises to reinforce their understanding of these critical processes. The final day of the workshop focused on Records Management Controls and the Integration of Workshop Outputs and Program Assessment. Participants had the opportunity to ask for relevant clarifications to reflect on their learning and apply it to day-to-day operations in the university, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of records management principles and practices. Through this 3-day activity, participants gained valuable insights and practical strategies to enhance the university's records management practices in alignment with ISO standards, contributing to the university's commitment to excellence in administrative processes.