April 4, 2024

PACUIT Strategic Planning 2024 at BulSU

By Media Relations Office

BulSU extended a warm welcome to the members of the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities of Industrial Technology (PACUIT) for the two-day PACUIT Strategic Planning 2024, commencing on April 3.

The planning session commenced with a preliminary program featuring the Opening Remarks from PACUIT Executive Director Dr. Luis Sorolla, Jr., followed by the Statement of Purpose delivered by BulSU University President Dr. Teody C. San Andres. The planning session focused on refining the association's objectives anchored on its strategic vision and mission, with presentations on key outputs. It underscored the importance of adopting a comprehensive digital strategy for PACUIT, discussions on enhancing online visibility, fostering strategic partnerships with industry stakeholders and government agencies, and streamlining administrative processes within the association.