Rules and Regulations

Rules Pertaining to the Use of the Library

  • The Library is a place for study and research. Silence shall be observed at all times.

  • Students/Faculty and outside researchers are required to register in the Library's logbook.

  • Mobile phones must be SWITCHED OFF or put on SILENT MODE when inside the Library.

  • Loud discussions, smoking, eating, playing cards, or engaging in other activities disruptive of Library operations are strictly prohibited.

  • Proper dress code is to be observed.

  • Students shall be subjected to disciplinary action for any of the following acts: (a) any form of dishonesty, deception or fraud in borrowing/using Library materials; (b) gross and deliberate discourtesy; (c) damaging or defacing Library property; and (d) unlawful taking of Library property.

  • Students and faculty are required to present their validated ID's when entering the Library and checking out any library material.

  • Any person who lends his/her Identification Card shall have his/her Library privileges suspended for not more than one semester. Similarly, any user who uses an Identification Card not his/her own will be subjected to the same penalties.

  • Grade School and High School students from other school are not allowed to use the Library and its facilities.

  • Books in the reading areas should not be returned to their shelves but left on the designated book tracks (to avoid their being misplaced).

  • Students caught defacing, mutilating, or stealing any Library material or property shall be fined and required to replace the same or pay the replacement and processing cost. In appropriate cases, the additional penalty of suspension or expulsion shall be imposed.

  • Bags, attaché cases, knapsacks, and other big containers must be deposited at the baggage depository.

  • Valuables like wallet, cell phones, calculators, and others must not be left unattended inside the reading area. The staff of the library shall not responsible for the loss of any valuables.

  • Wet umbrellas must not be brought inside the Library.

  • Whenever requested by any library staff on duty, all users are required to show their belongings to any library staff at the counter desk upon leaving the reading area.

  • A student who fails to settle his or her Library accounts will not be allowed or permitted to use the Library; or shall not be issued University clearance.

  • Students and faculty who are in need of materials not found in the BulSU Libraries are referred to other libraries. Referral letter is issued upon request from the Librarians.

  • Newspapers and magazines shall be read within the library area.

Sanctions and Fines

  • No delinquent borrower shall be allowed to use the library and its resources unless he/she has settled all accounts due to the library.

  • Library privileges for the students who have been delinquent or found violating library policies on three (3) consecutive occasions in a given semester shall be endoresed by the librarian to the the guidance office in order to address further the behavior issue.

  • Failure to Return a Circulation Book

    Any person who fails to return any book on General Circulation on its due date or after recall shall pay a fine of Php 10.00 per book per day, exclusive of Sundays and holidays.

  • Failure to Return a General Reference, Reserve, Circulation, and Filipiniana Books Borrowed for Photocopying Purposes.

    Any person who fails to return a reserve book shall pay a fine according to the following schedule. A library fine of Php. 2.00 /book per hour in excess of the 30 minutes allotted time for photocopying would be imposed.

  • Failure to Return a General Reference Book and Other Restricted Materials Borrowed for Photocopying Purposes.

    A person who fails to return a general reference book and other restricted materials borrowed for photocopying purposes shall pay a fine of Php5.00/hour, on the second offense the person shall have his library privileges suspended for one week.


  • If a library book is lost, the library shall be notified immediately. Overdue fines shall accumulate until lost book is replaced.
  • All library patrons, including faculty members shall be responsible for the replacement of the lost items plus the accumulated overdue fines.
  • Lost books must be replaced with the same title, edition & author. If the first condition is not possible, a book on the same subject or closely related subject may serve as a replacement provided it is of the same quality as the book that was lost and of the most recent edition.
  • In case the lost book is no longer available, a book on the same subject or closely related subject may serve as a replacement provided that it is of the same quality as the book that was lost and of the most recent edition.
  • If the patron finds the book after being declared or reported lost and returns it, and if the book is in good condition, the patron shall be required to pay only the accumulated overdue fine.
  • The cost of the replacement copy for a damaged/lost book shall not be lower than the original copy. A processing fee shall be charged for each title replaced

Payment Procedures

  • The Library shall issue temporary receipt printed from the system.
  • The Librarian shall collect the overdue amount.
  • The Authorized librarian shall remit the collected overdue amount at the BulSU cashier after one (1) month under the Registration for ILS (Integrated Library Service)

Refunds for Library Materials

  • All payments remitted to the cashier shall not be refundable.